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reflections on the blog’s scope, my creative process, and conscious openness to feedback.


I value a holistic lens.

This blog isn’t about a single topic. I won’t be focusing on one particular facet of life. Maybe it’s because I trained in anthropology, but I have a hard time examining much of anything in isolation. Knitting together connections between disparate things is very satisfying for me. Finding nuance is pleasing.

Plus, my attention wanders. What grips my soul for a few months often fades into the background for a while before the interest resurfaces again. Cycles. Patterns. I’m learning to ride those waves, without judgment. The hope is to find new depth of understanding each time the wheel turns.


I value the journey over the destination.

Art isn’t perfect, and more importantly: perfection is not a worthy goal. Chasing perfection won’t let me finish any projects, and it won’t let me grow.

I’m allowed to try hard things. I’m allowed to fail. I can always try again, try something else, adjust my expectations. Dispel hidden rules.

Or decide to quit – that’s allowed, too.

I’ll remind myself of this outlook as often as necessary. (It’s gonna be necessary.)


I value accountability.

Please let me know when I make meaningful mistakes. Innocuous typos and schedule bumps, for example – those can slip by without your attention (don’t worry, my inner monologue has that stress covered). But when someday I write something harmful, if you have the capacity to let me know, please do. I will be very grateful to you for telling me, so that I can apologize, learn, repair, and avoid the mistake in future.